Born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, Superman came to Earth moments before his planet’s destruction. Disguised as Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent, he now uses his superpowers to benefit all humanity.

Pop Collectible

Headz® pop vinyl figurines are the first of their kind. Each limited edition figurine comes in a deluxe, foil stamped box.

Unique Design

Designed with you in mind, never before has there been such a unique take on the traditional action figure. Perfect for your shelf or desk.

Different Expressions

Each Headz® combines three interlocking pieces to create six unique characters. It’s like getting six action figures for the price of one!

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Mix and Match

Each part of every Headz® is interchangeable. Mix and match hair caps, bodies, and face cubes to create your own blend of superhero.

High Quality

Made from pure injection-molded non-toxic vinyl, each Headz® is a true work of art. Manufactured in a fair-labor certified factory in China.

Perfect for All Ages

Headz® pop vinyl figurines appeal to kids (and adults) of all ages. Fun to look at and fun to play with, Headz® action figures are both visual and tactile.